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Houston Chronicle: Ex-NFL players promote cannabis for treating pain

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"Kevin Gogan dreads going to sleep because he wakes up every day to go through the motions of a living nightmare.

At 52, the former NFL offensive lineman, who won Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993 with the Dallas Cowboys, cannot open his hands right away. He assumes they are arthritic after 14 seasons of protecting quarterbacks by holding back defenders, who jammed, bent, dislocated and tore ligaments in his fingers.

Grappling with behemoths also pinched his elbows, which have required nine surgeries. If he closes them while sleeping, his fingers get number. If he keeps his elbows extended, his biceps seize.

More surgery repaired his turf toe, removed a shoulder joint, mended a bum knee and replaced his right hip, which wore out because every step he took following every snap he played in 213 games had to absorb a close-range collision. His back is too tight for him to sit up straight. His knees tremble while steadying his 330-pound frame. That bothersome left toe swells. There's a loud ringing in his head. His eyes tear up.

That is the first 15 minutes.

"The other pain is, 'God, I gotta go live the rest of this day dealing with this,' " he said."

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Chelsea Foster